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Summary of GnG/Opening Moves

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The New Captain (Jiendra - w-dueck)

Lorn Manolin, head of the Manolin crime family, passes the command of the MS Cloudsoarer to his daughter, who successfully raids a system of merchanters. Later, she shares a drink with her dying father in the family yacht.

A Family Affair (Amethyst - Iffy)

Amethyst and his family, an outcast group of unknown origin, take over an outpost ship and uses morphing technology to make it and the family's ships into a single larger vessel. They decide to build an empire in a remote part of the system.

A Fighter's Rise: Over An Oceanic (Patella - Jewels)

Patella Knox, on a scouting mission for an unidentified military, is forced to attempt a crash landing on an ocean world after her fighter was crippled in an asteroid belt.

Aldari Radiance (Frae - Nioca)

Admiral Frae, captaining the experimental Solcruiser Radiance of the Aldari Space Fleet, arrives in the Trisol System, with orders from the Aldari Empire to secure the system for Aldari colonization.