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This is about the final arc of FTaWSotR. For the separate continuation, click here.

Rebirth is an arc about the members rebuilding and trying to cope with the terrible losses after the destruction of Ermaria.

The end of the Destruction of the VRP sees much tragedy. The Refuge has been destroyed. Ermaria has been obliterated. Kaylas, w-dueck, and Nioca have all died. After so much destruction, devastation, and death, there is only one thing to do: rebuild.

Before he breathed his last, Nioca was able to restore the Refuge on another island in the Internet plane. It is far from perfect but it is standing... for the most part. Calamity Refuge is reborn.

With their souls connected, Nioca drags Jewels to the afterlife with him but she in turn also drags him out of the afterlife when Syla revives her. Though they don't know how they will accomplish it yet, they plan to separate. While together, though, they search for the spirit of w-dueck hoping that they can find it and return it to his body. In the meantime, the Stranger takes Kaylas's body to inhabit it for his own purposes and the remnants of the VRP set to work on the other planes they were stationed at. Those thought to be dead shall be reborn.

A new refuge, a new life, a new day, a new adventure. Rebirth is about what is born out of war on both sides of the front.