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Oaeren Revlas

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Oaeren Revlas
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A character in UtSS
Controlled by Nioca
Species Human
Skills / Trades
  • Investigation and Espionage
  • Marksmanship
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
Currently Unknown
  • Unorthodox Behavior
  • The Dead of Night
  • Chasing Phantoms
  • As You Are
To the very end, m'lord.

—Oaeren Revlas, Unorthodox Behavior

Oaeren Revlas is a character in UtSS. An Adjuvant to Lord Carmaile of Ionar, Oaeren acts as both a bodyguard and political "fixer", carrying out various cover-ups, assassinations, and other tasks that require a quiet touch. He also gathers information for Lord Carmaile, generally from less reputable sources.

Appearance and Physical Attributes

5'9'' 43-year-old, with fair skin, blond hair, brown eyes, and sharp facial features. Favors formal dress, even in informal situations. Particularly fond of a crimson overcoat. Notably, Oaeren is farsighted; he typically wears gold-rimmed corrective glasses. Many who meet him say he looks most at home in a library or church.

Speech tends to be formal and enunciated, voice is clear and of moderate pitch. Tends to have a calculating expression.


Oaeren's duties as an Adjuvant mostly consist around acting as a protector, confidant, and investigator for his lord. This has cultivated an interesting skill set.

Investigation and Espionage

A seasoned investigator, Oaeren is good at investigating political matters and establishing contacts in both high and low society. He's also skilled at quietly handling politically sensitive matters, without implicating Lord Carmaile. This sometimes extends to silencing troublesome or threatening individuals.

He also has some talent at sleight-of-hand, a useful skill for infiltration.


Coming from experience as a high-class bodyguard, Oaeren can handle himself fairly well in combat situations. He has comprehensive training in hand-to-hand combat, though none with swords or similar weaponry. However, he excels in firearms, particularly handguns, capable of hitting distant moving targets easily in the heat of combat. Beating him in a straight fight is no easy feat.

Despite this, Oaeren usually prefers to avoid combat, instead ambushing and taking down an opponent before they can react or even know he's there.


Oaeren's skill with magic is nearly non-existent. The full extent of his magical abilities consist of being able to recognize Artifice runes and tell them apart from false or decorative ones.

Notable Items

Oaeren carries a few items with him wherever he goes.

Vulpin Infiltration Pistol

Oaeren's primary side-arm. A recent model of handgun from Blackguard Weapons, the Vulpin is a smallish artifice-enhanced handgun with two different fire modes. In primary, the runework on the gun converts some of the gun's recoil to enhance the bullet's velocity. However, when the bottom part of the barrel is pulled back, the gun's runes instead create a silencing effect, drastically reducing the weapon's noise and suppressing muzzleflash.

Oaeren received the gun from Lord Carmaile as a gift, replacing his former pistol.

Artifice-Enhanced Corrective Glasses

Glasses for correcting far-sightedness. Artifice helps to ensure they stay in place, and also enhances vision in low-light conditions.


Maroon Overcoat: A coat that's fashionable, dark red, and has a surprising number of internal pockets.


Oaeren has not had contact with other PCs.

NPC Associates

  • Lord Carmaile - Oaeren's master, and Lord of Tuarm. Portly, and fond of alcohol. A target of scorn in Ionar, thanks to his non-traditional views.


Not much is known at present about Oaeren's past; Adjuvants usually keep to themselves about their private life, so as to avoid resulting in friends and family being targeted by enemies. What is known is that Oaeren was born into the Revlas noble family, one of the smaller noble bloodlines from Targus. For the past 16 years, Oaeren has served as an Adjuvant to two different high-ranking nobles; King Bramson of Targus, and Lord Carmaile of Tuarm after Bramson's death.