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A list of NPCs in A New World Opens.

Nobles and Lords of the Kingdom

These are the various lords of The Kingdom.

  • King Ruaidhri - Also called “The Red King”, his rule has been associated with bloodshed for his lack of control over violent uprisings and civil wars.
  • Lord Turin - The most powerful lord. Ambitious and bloodthirsty. Has incredible magical powers. Now deceased.
  • Lord Turin's Son - The new leader of Lord Turin's domain.
  • Duke Hexen - Also known as Duke Sensible. An unambitious, rational, and wise lord.
  • Count Turney - A count in the favor of Lord Turin.
  • Baroness Victoria - A baroness in the favor of Lord Turin.

Kingdom affiliated mages

While the High Mages are not technically nobles, they have the power to control all other lower ranks of mages accosiated with the Kingdom along with the eight Kingdom affiliated mage ships.

  • Jennifer Darnel - One of two High Mages of the Kingdom.
  • Darrius Snite - The other High Mage known not to have any allies, due to his repulsive personality and favor of banned magics.
  • Christopher Stalt - Noble-turned-High Mage. Died in the attack that ruined half the castle and the surrounding city.
  • Robert Tibas - the High Mage that trained Nebulan in the arts of magic. Died from stab wound, killer never caught.

Hawk Islanders

The various inhabitants of Hawk Isle, home to Yndigo.

  • Michel - Yn's brother, a magical geneticist.
  • Phillip - Harbormaster at Hawk Isle. Stout and muscular.
  • Sara - Only said to have made some cinnamon rolls.
  • Fang - Part dog, part flame, part shadow, a pet created by Yn and Michel

Musicians of the Bardic College

  • Ellyn - a master musician and excellent teacher whom Yn has promoted to oversee some personnel matters that she's not suited to.
  • Tuwell - a singer with a voice like heaven who, in his cowardice, ran from Lord Turin's isle and has been dismissed from the College by Yn.
  • Stefan - musician sent to sing for Lord Turin's son in Tuwell's stead.
  • Laura - musician sent to Hexen
  • Flore - musician sent to Hexen

Hexen's Servants

The NPC servants of Duke Hexen. For the player character who serves under Hexen, see Aodhan.

  • Exile - A foreign mage entrusted with investigating Nebulan's Tower.
  • Hesheit - A crewmember on one of Hexen's ships.

Blood Followers

The various followers of Raanil.

  • Naish - Right hand servant of Raanil. Assumed to be an imp.

Ackrovans Servants

Under the command of Lord Ackrovan, these people serve him faithfully

  • Beth - Ackrovan's assistant.
  • Jokian - An overmage that defected from Duke Hexen.
  • Rovan - Captain of the Stalker.
  • Kerry - One of Ackrovan's finest commanders


Inhabitants of Tantonia on Taton Island.

Important Tantonians

Tantonians that have played a major role in the story thusfar.

  • Anaya - Griseham's wife. A ship's captain.
  • Captain Dalmas - Captain of the Loveless. Pompous and formal.
  • Commander Dulford - An ex-commander of Lord Turin's army. Strong in melee and with a wand.
  • Mayor Gabthen - Mayor of Tantonia.
  • Captain Honja Torres - Captain of the Lioness. Recently arrived in Tantonia.

Minor Tantonians

Others that have been mentioned, but are not highly important.

  • Captain Horit - A ship's captain. Mentioned only.
  • Uytha - A mage of some power. Occasionally acts as a lookout.
  • Hontis - Master shipwright of Tantonia.
  • Horace - Tantonia's blacksmith. Heavy-set.
  • Fletch - Tantonia's bowyer and fletcher.
  • Synthia - A healer. Lacks any offensive power.

Adrasha's Wolves

The wolf pups being raised by Adrasha Vaux. No pup has taken on the role of pack leader yet. They currently look to Adrasha for that role.

  • Jasper - Male and mischievous.
  • Jade - Female and assertive.
  • Julian - Male and sensible.
  • June - Female and cuddly.

Followers of Adalia

Followers of Adalia, the Watermancer.

  • Ralandar - An underwater creature that Adalia turned into a human to investigate the surface.